Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cover: Barbara Carlotti is back

Barbara Carlotti
France (French pop)

The SOM exclusive track :
Barbara Carlotti - Le tango corse
Original version of the song by Fernandel in 1940.

Stupid Operation :
Barbara Carlotti + Corsica = Le tango corse

News about Barbara carlotti:
Barbara Carlotti has just released her second album, "L'Idéal". The first single is the song, "Idéal" and it's the best album for an ideal Spring break...

One song to buy :
"Kisses" (from "L'Idéal")

One video to watch :
Barbara Carlotti new single's video, "Ideal"

More :
Official Website

Buy her music :
Amazon (US) / ITunes (Worldwide)

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