Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cover: A French Rehab

France (Folk)

The SOM exclusive track :
Cocoon & Julien Doré - Rehab
Recorded live @ Taratata (France 4) in March 2008
Original version taken from the 2007 Amy winehouse's album, "Back to Black"

Stupid Operation :

Cocoon + Julien Doré = Amy Winehouse (drug free)

Recordings :
Cocoon released one of the best (non) French album in 2007, "My friends all died in a plane crash". Julien Doré won the French edition of "Pop Idol" in 2007. He will release his first album in June 2008, produced by Renaud Letang (Feist) and featuring Cocoon and JP Nataf. Yummy!!

One song to buy :
"Tell me" (from Cocoon's "My friends all died in a plane crash")

One video to watch :
Julien Doré covering a France Gall's song, "Cet air-là"

More :
Cocoon Official Myspace
Julien Doré Non Official Myspace

Buy Cocoon music :
Amazon (US) / ITunes (Fr)
Buy Julien Doré music :
Amazon (US) / ITunes (Fr)


Anonymous said...

"Cet air-là" is not a France gall song,
it's a marvellous April March Song!

Anonymous said...

No The SOM is right... April March covered it too. It's a France Gall song(1965). Even Julien Doré thought it was a song by April March!! Pffff...