Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Remix: Keren Ann remixed again

Keren Ann
France (Folk)

The SOM exclusive track :
Keren Ann - Between the Flatland and the Caspian Sea - Etienne De Crécy Remix
Original version of the song is taken from the 2007 album "Keren Ann". Étienne de Crécy released a good new EP, "Commercial".

Stupid Operation :
Étienne De Crécy + Joni Mitchell = Keren Ann

News about Keren Ann :
Keren ann is on tour in Israel, France, Korea and in China. Her last album "Keren Ann" is a must !

One song to buy :
"The harder ships of the world" (from "Keren Ann")

One video to watch :
Keren Ann singing "Lay your head down" @ "Les Victoires de La Musique" (French Grammy Awards). She didn't win anything but her performance was amazing !

More :
Official Website

Buy her music :
Amazon (US) / ITunes (Worldwide)

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Anonymous said...

ce melange Etienne de Crecy/Keren ann doit netre interessant...malheureusement, impossible de télécharger le titre...snif