Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cover: Keren Ann's roots

Keren Ann
France (Folk)

The SOM exclusive track :
Keren Ann - Berechov Haneshamot Hatehorot
Taken from the compilation "Avoda Ivrit 60 (vol.1)".

Stupid Operation :
France + Holland + Israel = קרן אן זיידל (Keren Ann)

News about Keren Ann :
Keren Ann will finish her tour in June. One of her last shows will be in Reykjavic with a symphonic orchestra (June 5th). She will sing with Bardi Johannsson (of Bang Gang) songs from their project "Lady and Bird".

One song to buy :
"The harder ships of the world" (from "Keren Ann")

One video to watch :
A video of the song "Berechov Haneshamot Hatehorot"

More :

Official Website

Buy her music :
Amazon (US) / ITunes (Worldwide)


Guuzbourg said...

great find!

Leopold Stotch said...

thanks for this!
Nice site. I'm a big French pop fan.
BTW just added you to my links list.
I just started a covers blog of my own recently, that has some French Pop on it (and def more in the future)

check it out if you have a second:

noisepress said...

thanx for great tunes!

keep up this blog please!