Monday, October 20, 2008

Remix: Search of Goldfrapp

The first time I discovered the band on stage, I was very very disappointed. Alison Goldfrapp was odious with the audience and left the stage yelling "Fuck off !". I never forgave her... But because I love the first album "Felt Mountain" and the new single "Clowns", I decided to give the band a new chance with the introduction of an alternative version of a song originaly taken from the last album "Seventh Tree".

England (Pop)

The SOM exclusive track :
Goldfrapp - Happiness (Choral version)
Unreleased version
. Original version of the song is taken from the last album, "Seventh Tree"

Stupid Operation :
Precious Metal + Electronica = Goldfrapp

News about Goldfrapp :
Goldfrapp has just released a new single, "Clowns". The Band is in tour in France and in United Kingdom.

One song to buy :
"Horse tears" (from "Felt Mountain")

One video to watch :
Original version of the song "Happiness" (official video).


Buy her music :
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