Tuesday, October 28, 2008

French: Even this cowgirl gets the blues

The good news of the day: Melanie Pain, singer of the bands Nouvelle Vague and Villeneuve has just finished her first solo album!!! Here is a splendid avant-goût, in English s'il vous plait !

Illustration: Dominic Bellamy
Mélanie Pain
France (Folk / pop)

The SOM exclusive track :
Mélanie Pain - Little Cowboy

Stupid Operation :
French baguette + Western = Mélanie Pain

News about Mélanie Pain :
Mélanie is in tour with Nouvelle Vague all around Europe (Portugal, Spain, Roumania, United Kingdom, Belgium, France). If you are in Paris, you are lucky guys. Mélanie will sing her new songs taken from her first solo album she has just finished. She will play @ China Club and @ L'International.

One song to buy :
"Ever fallen in love" (from Nouvelle Vague's "Bande à part")

One video to watch :
Melanie covering "Love will tear us apart" (Joy Division Cover)
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Myspace Villeneuve

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