Monday, October 13, 2008

Cover: Loane meets Cole Porter

Loane is not only one of the new Filles Fragiles (Second volume will be available soon / Pre-order). Here is a fantastic Cole Porter cover...
France (Chanson)

The SOM exclusive track :
Loane - Everytime we say goodbye (Cole Porter)
Song recorded live
in Bourges at Le Fou du Roi in April 2008.

Stupid Operation :
Carla Bruni - Nicolas Sarkozy = Loane

News about Loane :
Loane released her first album "Jamais seule" (Tran. "Never alone"). She's in tour in France this autumn.

One song to buy :
"Comme si quelqu'un" (from "Jamais seule")

One video to watch :
Live version of the song "Jamais seule" on French Television.


Buy her music :
Amazon ITunes

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