Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cover : Yael Naim is a Bachelorette

Israel / Based in Paris, France
Folk / World / Soul

The SOM exclusive track :
Yael Naim - Bachelorette (Björk Cover)
Recorded live @ Le Fou du Roi (France Inter) in November 2007
Original version taken from Björk's album "Homogenic"

Stupid Operation :
Feist + Noa + Rickie Lee Jones = Yael Naim

Recordings :
Her untitled second album has just been released in France.
The (great) first single is "New soul"

On the radio :
In November, Yael Naim is in the SOM's playlist (radio).
She covers Britney Spears' "Toxic"

One song to buy :
Shelsha (Taken from her new album)

One video to watch :
New Soul

More :
Official Website

Buy her music :
Amazon (Fr) / ITunes (Fr)


ekkooo said...

Just because I love your big come back
Just because I listen again and again your playlist
Thanx 4 all
Thanx 2 be there just when i need it

hapbt said...

you have alot of shoes