Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Demo: Cécile wants to go home

France (French pop)

The SOM exclusive track :
Cécile Phi - Je veux rentrer à la maison
Exclusive song from the next album (Release date : 2008)

Stupid Operation :
Barbara + Paris Combo = Cécile Phi

Recordings :
The first album "Cécile a dit" is still available (feat. Zekira Yassa & Patrice Louison).
A new single has just been released, "Sole pleureuse"
Cécile Phi is recording her solo album.

On the radio :
In November, Cécile Phi is in the SOM's playlist (radio).
She sings a song taken from the first album, "Sole pleureuse"

One song to buy :
Sole Pleureuse (Taken from "Cécile a dit")
Digital song available worldwide

One video to watch :
Cécile a dit "Sole Pleureuse"

More :
Official Website
Myspace Cécile Phi
Myspace Cécile a dit
Podcast (free)

Buy her music :
Webstore (Worlwide) / ITunes (Worldwide)


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ekkooo said...

Thanx !!!

I love this woman and her songs.