Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rare: Cocoon is born again!

France (Indie / Folk)

The SOM exclusive track :
Cocoon - Between me and the sun
Taken from their sold out debut EP "I hate birds"

Stupid Operation :

Sufjan Stevens - Eliott Smith + Lisa Hannigan = Cocoon

Recordings :
The debut album is out now ! "My friends all died in a plane crash".
They released two EP before. "I hate birds" (Sold out) and "From Panda Mountains"

On the radio :
In November, Cocoon is in the SOM's playlist (radio).
They sing a song taken from their debut album, "Vultures".

One song to buy :
"Tell me" (from "My friends all died in a plane crash")

One video to watch :
Cocoon "Hummingbird" (live in a balloon)

More :

Buy their music :
Amazon (Fr) / ITunes (Fr)

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