Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cover: Olivia Mitsouko

A new tribute to Rita Mitsouko by Olivia Ruiz
Catherine Ringer announced that Rita Mitsouko is not dead.
A great news...

France (French pop)

The SOM exclusive track :
Olivia Ruiz - Marcia Baila (Rita Mitsouko Cover)
Recorded live @ Le Fou du Roi - France Inter in November 2007
Original version taken from the 1985 Rita Mitsouko's untitled album

Stupid Operation :
Catherine Ringer - Fred Chichin = Olivia Ruiz

Recordings :
Olivia Ruiz has just released her first live CD, "Chocolat Show".
She released two studio album before : "J'aime pas l'amour" (Tran. I don't like love") and "Le femme chocolat" (Tran. "The Chocolate Woman")

On the radio :
In December, listen to the original version of "Marcia Baila" by Rita Mitsouko in th SOM's Radio.

One song to buy :
J'traîne des pieds (from "La femme chocolat")

One video to watch :
Olivia Ruiz with Dionysos in the stunning video "Tais-toi mon coeur" (Tran. "Shut up, my sweet heart")

More :
Official Website

Buy her music :

Amazon (US) / ITunes (Fr)

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