Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cover: New York's Eve

United States (Folk)

The SOM exclusive track :
As request by Matador Records, the song has been removed. It will be included in "Jukebox", the forthcoming album. We will post a Cat Power rarity as soon as possible. The SOM.
Cat Power - New York New York (Removed / Liza Minelli Cover)
Original version taken from the 1977 movie soundtrack "New York, New York" composed by John Kander and written by Fred Ebb.

Stupid Operation :
Liza Minelli - Frank Sinatra = Cat Power

Recordings :
Cat Power will release her new cover record "Jukebox" January, 22. 2008.

One song to buy :
"Song to Bobby" (first single from "Jukebox")

One video to watch :
Cat Power performs a new version of "Satisfaction" (The Rolling Stones)

More :
Official Website (Matador Records)

Buy her music :
Amazon (US) / ITunes (Worldwide)

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